Mastering MySQL Course

Mastering the MySQL database. Mastering MySQL Design and Development. Whether you are a MySQL pro or a novice, using MySQL Workbench can give you a big productivity boost. In this session learn from the experts who wrote Workbench the essential Workbench techniques and skills you need for rapidly designing and developing MySQL databases and applications. Mike and Alfredo will teach you how you can streamline your work from initial idea, to design and modeling, scripting, data management and finally a running application. They will do this using real world scenarios and demonstrating using MySQL Workbench.

Plus, you won’t just learn how to do this on a local server, but across a variety of challenging real world environments with tips on connecting, tunneling, scripting, synchronizing and managing MySQL databases on remotely hosted and firewall protected servers.

Learn how to design and deploy data models, forward and reverse engineer, synchronize databases, automatically generate schema scripts, easily create SQL statements, quickly edit data, leverage code snippets, generate reports, modify server settings, generate DML and DDL and move it SQL into application code.

After this session you will have learned innovative time and error saving methods you may not have know before. Plus take advantage of having Mike and Alfredo and ask these experts those “How To” questions on MySQL design and development you’ve been waiting to ask.